Poseidon Sea Pilots awarded Port of Brisbane Pilotage

Poseidon Sea Pilots is seeking forward-thinking marine pilots to join its expanding South East Queensland operation after it secured the contract to supply pilotage services to the Port of Brisbane from 1st January 2022.

Under the new 10-year pilotage services agreement, Poseidon Sea Pilots, a wholly owned subsidiary of AMS Group (AMSG), will deliver world-class pilotage services to vessels within the Brisbane Pilotage Area.

Maritime Safety Queensland General Manager, Angus Mitchell, said the contract would ensure expert navigational assistance continued to be provided by experienced mariners at the state’s largest port.

“Poseidon Sea Pilots is part of the Brisbane-based Australian Maritime Systems Group (AMSG), which has more than 20 years’ of service delivery and experience in the maritime and defence industry sectors,” Mr Mitchell said.

“More than 9600 trading vessels visited Queensland ports during 2019 with 2500 destined for the Port of Brisbane.

“In 2020, despite the impact of COVID-19 restrictions, there were 8500 vessel visits to Queensland with 2100 into Brisbane. 

“Ensuring safe and efficient navigation underpins Queensland’s ability to maintain this crucial movement of trade.  

“In nearly all Australian ports, the use of a pilot is mandatory for large vessels and it is generally compulsory for ships 50 metres or longer entering Queensland ports to carry a licensed marine pilot.”

Poseidon Sea Pilots chairman John Sugarman said his company was looking forward to delivering under the contract.

“The opportunity to continue working with MSQ is greatly appreciated, and the skills and experience we also currently use to support other, federal government agencies for maritime safety will equally apply for delivering the pilotage service for the Port of Brisbane,” Mr Sugarman said.

Those interested in securing a position with the company should send their CV to humanresources@poseidonpilots.com.au or applicants can confidentially discuss their interest with Jenny Walker on 0414 678 259.  Applications close 2 April, 2022.